Art exhibit coming to Kentucky Museum

Jacob Parker

US Bank is holding their Celebration of the Arts exhibit at WKU’s Kentucky Museum. 

The open art exhibition runs from March 2 to April 6. The regional competition is open to all Kentucky residents, age 18 and over, within a 65-mile radius of Bowling Green.

Artists who submit works are divided into two categories: professional and amateur.

Donna Parker, exhibits curator, said professionals are those who have received some sort of training, while amateurs are those who do it as a hobby.

“We’ve had amateurs who began entering the show that are now professionals,” she said. 

Two works may be chosen by the artist for submission, under any of the seven categories. Painting, watercolor, works on paper, fiber arts, ceramics and glass, sculpture and photography will all be featured at the exhibit. 

“We’re going to have about 365 pieces, and about 180 artists,” she said. 

Prizes will be given to both professional and amateur artists who win first through third place within each category.

Artists also have the choice to put their work up for sale, and a fourth of all commission goes to the Kentucky Museum and the WKU art department. 

“We split the money between the department and the Kentucky Museum, and our portion goes back to help with the show and their portion goes to the scholarship office,” she said. 

Brent Oglesbee, head of the art department, said the scholarships go to graduating seniors.

“We pick out a couple of seniors who are graduating and give them these scholarships to kind of say ‘nice job,’” he said. 

The opening reception and awards ceremony will take place on Friday, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.