Candidate Alvey: a man after the student’s body heart

Alex Jacobs

I like Cain Alvey. He and I first became friends when he was hired as a Resident Assistant in McCormack Hall (during his first year, mind you) and was assigned to the same floor as me. We ran floor meetings, coordinated programs, and cultivated the community on our floor. 

As time progressed, I had the privilege to witness his leadership and interpersonal skills grow and be displayed in the residence hall, quickly establishing his position as one of the premier RAs within the building. I am confident that, should he be elected as President of the student body, he will be able to achieve accomplishments not only for McCormack Hall, but for the university as a whole.

His main vision for this campus includes, but is by no means limited to: the option for a student to create a course on any subject that applies to their studies here at WKU, in which the student designs the syllabus, assignments and readings for the class; expansion of scholarship opportunities to include book scholarships, diversity scholarships and summer and winter term scholarships, so that students will have more opportunities to attend this university and achieve their academic goals, assured that the administration is concerned for their well-being and future; and the expansion of the Safe Ride/Purple Line late night bus service, so that student safety is given the priority that it deserves and wait times between buses are shortened. Cain would be a representative of the student body’s interests, not merely his own, and has promised to consistently make known to students the issues that face the university.

I can’t tell you to vote for him. That is solely your decision. But I will tell you that if you give him your vote, Cain will give back so much more in return, not only for you, but those who will follow us after we have left, diplomas in hand.

—Alex Jacobs

Jeffersonville, Ind., junior