COMMENTARY: SGA student senate rejects accountability

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the Student Senate of the Student Government Association was presented with a number of amendments to the SGA Constitution and Bylaws. These amendments sought to make changes that would allow the SGA to better represent the student body of Western Kentucky University. These amendments included an SGA policy that would make any currently-serving members of SGA ineligible for SGA-sponsored scholarships or grants.  

The Student Senate rejected this particular amendment. Since the spring semester of 2011, 11 SGA members received SGA-sponsored scholarships/grants.  We, as student leaders, believe that this constitutes a breach of student trust and a conflict of interest. The amendment barring currently-serving SGA members was proposed to remedy this problem and ensure that the best interests of the student body are constantly being represented. 

Some student senators chose to place their own interests above that of the student body. 

As a student of WKU, you deserve the best student representation. As we continue to persuade the Student Senate to pass a rule stating that SGA members are ineligible for SGA-sponsored scholarships/grants, we encourage you to make your opinion known in the upcoming Student Government election.  

We, the undersigned, are committed to ensuring that the Student Government Association shares this vision of student representation —honest and free from undue influence.  We will continue to press this issue.


Respectfully submitted,

Cory Dodds, Student Body President

Travis Taylor, SGA Chief of Staff

Brittany Crowley, SGA Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Drew Mitchell, SGA Director of Public Relations