Chic Chicks: Five pieces to keep for Spring

Monta Reinfelde

Fashion might be ever changing, but it’s also more evolutionary than revolutionary. What that means is that the length of skirts, the season’s colors and clothing shapes overall won’t suddenly change drastically from the previous season.

The change is happening gradually, giving space for only a couple of completely new trends emerging. Therefore, before jumping into the upcoming season’s novelties, let’s look back at the key looks from the previous fall season. As fashion bloggers and designers predict, there are five fall pieces to hang on to which will remain popular in the spring.

A futuristic approach to life

Any metallic looking piece of clothing, you invested in the last year is not only a good idea, but a must to keep in your closet. Emporio Armani set the tone in his spring/summer 2013 runway collections with silver and bronze hues as well as pleated silhouettes — very similar to those of Paco Rabanne in fall/winter 2012. Any other material that provides a futuristic look is in too, such as gold, leather, silk and lurex.

To keep this look classy and wearable for a daytime, your best bet is to wear these hues and materials in A-line or straight silhouettes adding texture with pleats or interesting pockets for night.

Leather has an attitude

Leather is an extension of futuristic look. However, it may be transferred into a complete ladylike look too, cute and showing an attitude at the same time. The top leather piece in 2012 continuing its victory in 2013 is the skirt.

Keep your thick and dark leather skirt for some colder spring nights out and invest in new lighter ones as well for everyday use. Go for skirts that are higher at the waist and shorter at the hem. The biggest mistake you can make is to choose skin-tight leather skirts… Don’t go there! Pleated and with flow is what you want to go for.

Heading further East

Dries Van Noten was one of the oriental fashion starters in the fall, sending his models down the runway dressed in black suits with golden embroidery.

This season, Miuccia Prada has taken this trend further. Her interpretation of oriental style heads toward Japanese-inspired Geisha looks with colorfully embroidered silk kimonos.

All the beautiful silk blouses you got for fall are more than welcome to stick around a little bit longer — having the spot light in spring instead of being hidden under a heavy coat.

The new old-school

The 50s and 60s old-school look has been given another chance in this season. If during the last season you found yourself indulging in retro pieces, such as pencil skirts, massive costume jewelry and vintage hats, there is no reason for you to throw all that fun stuff away.

As the length of skirts becomes shorter, it is still chilly enough to do some layering. Have a great time playing dress-up combining all these “still so in” pieces together.

Cape yourself

To be honest, I have never agreed with designers that a cape is a good piece of clothing for winter. Maybe it is because wherever I have lived, winters are rough and a cape never did its job keeping me warm. However, it was one of the top trends for fall and winter that is emerging with new colors and materials for spring too. That already sounds better…

Like them or not, capes are here to stay, and some people say they’re more desirable than ever. So, if you bought one for winter — keep it. But if you don’t have one and want to add something unexpected to your look — buy one. Burberry offered an interesting one in blue, with large pockets at the front. A good inspiration.