Jordan Vorst is a former member of the WKU Swim Team.  Vorst said while he was on the swim team, his workouts consisted of a full body workout, ranging from upper body to strength.

         “We would do 25 to 30 miles on average of swimming,” Vorst said. “Depending on the season, it really mattered on what type of work we were doing.”

Vorst said he isn’t worried about his body image and doesn’t factor that into his athletic training.

         “I don’t really focus on that being the number one top priority,” Vorst said. “Because if I’m focusing on looking the best, then I’m not going to be the first person to get my hand on the wall.”

         Vorst said having a healthy body makes an impact in his performance and everyday life.

         “I feel like I can concentrate on class a lot better,” Vorst said. “I’ve noticed now during swimming I have a lot higher energy level than I did before.”

         Jordan Vorst is a 21-year-old senior double-majoring in French and business economics from Independence.