Madison Hale and Megan Hale are twin sisters who are both members of the Track and Field team at WKU. 

         Madison said she is very active in her exercise regimen.

         “We run every day,” Madison said. “We have team workouts three times a week, and we do core twice a week.”

         Megan said she feels held to a higher standard to keep her body in shape because she is an athlete.

         “That’s your job as a runner,” Megan said. “You have to stay in shape.”

         Madison said she faces no challenges when maintaining her body shape.

         “Since I’m on the team, I think it makes it pretty easy just because you have to run or else your performance will fail,” Madison said. “So, it makes it pretty easy to stay in shape.”

         Megan said that having a healthy body makes a difference in her athletic performance.

         “Whenever you eat healthier, you feel better. When you get your rest, you run better,” Megan said. “I think running and a healthy body goes hand in hand.”

         Madison said she feels somewhat pressured to live up to a standard due to her athletic position.

         “You would definitely have to be more fit than others just because you’re an athlete,” Madison said.

         Megan said that her position as a runner allows her to be lenient in what she eats.

         “If you run as much as we do, you can kind of eat whatever you want.” Megan said.

         Both Madison and Megan feel like body image and athletic activity contributes to their self-esteem and self-image.

         “Whenever I’m fit and I work out, I’m happier and more positive and involved in campus,” Megan said.

         Madison and Megan Hale are 21-year-old seniors from Owensboro. Madison is a psychology major, and Megan is pursuing a major in communications.