Tomas Guerra is a javelin thrower for Track and Field at WKU.

         Guerra said that his sport requires a rigorous amount of training.

         “It’s a sport that requires a lot of strength,” Guerra said. “From your feet to your head.”

         Guerra said that his diet isn’t very strict.

         “I need to eat fat and a lot of protein,” Guerra said. “I try to not eat too much junk food.”

         Guerra said that he finds no difficulty trying to keep his body in shape.

         “It’s not that hard,” he said.

         Guerra said that his body image does not contribute to his self-esteem or self-image.

         “I’m not worried about my body for my self-esteem,” Guerra said. “I just want my body to be better on the track and throw further.”

         Tomas Guerra is a 20-year-old sophomore who is seeking a degree in business marketing from Santiago, Chile.