Emslie cancels bi-term proposal

Sarah Stukenborg

Provost Gordon Emslie canceled his proposal for an emphasis on bi-term teaching during the University Senate meeting on Thursday.

Emslie decided to revoke his proposal due to an overwhelming majority of students and faculty not supporting it.

Emslie said the lack of support stemmed from the belief that the proposal would complicate scheduling logistics, cause an increased impact from student absences, increase stress, have a possible negative impact on student enrollment and more.

“It is not in the overall interest of our university,” Emslie said.

Also at the meeting, Patricia Minter, faculty regent, urged the senate members to emphasize the importance of being frugal with funding.

“Financial difficulties are upon us,” Minter said. “We need to resist any attempts to continue funding entertainment.”

Cory Dodds, Student Government Association president, announced that SGA moved to table the resolution for a plus-minus grading system on Tuesday.

“There have been ongoing discussions over this,” Dodds said.

The University Senate supported a recommendation that the Study Abroad Office delay the implementation of the new $150 fee.

The senate asks that the fee be delayed because many faculty members are concerned with the rising cost of study abroad. If the fee is delayed until fall 2013, students will have prior knowledge of the fee and be able to plan to include it in their study abroad budgets.

Mac McKerral, University Senate chair, said the upcoming meeting in March will be an important one. He said President Gary Ransdell will be attending.