Value-added grading resolution did not pass at SGA meeting

Sarah Stukenborg

The Student Government Association had two resolutions to vote on at their second meeting of the semester. The resolution in support of the value-added grading system did not pass, although it was a close vote, making for a split house.

SGA President Cory Dodds was disappointed with the outcome.

“It’s a real, tangible benefit to the student body because it increases student competitiveness,” he said. “I think it’s a real shame that our Senate didn’t see that.”

The “Evaluations of Student Teaching Assistants” resolution was unanimously passed.

Stephen Rowland, manager of Parking and Transportation Services, came to the meeting to give an update on how the safe rides program, or “the purple line,” has gone since it started last semester.

Rowland said the service has had minimal problems and that there are plans to add another bus to the route.

Keyana Boka, executive vice president of SGA, told members that Study Abroad is currently looking for a new director and the Study Abroad fair will be held Wednesday in Mass Media and Technology Hall from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The first read of a bill for a Study Away grant was read and the updated Study Abroad scholarship application is now available online.

Four new members took their oaths to become official members of SGA.

Cain Alvey, administrative vice president of SGA, said the remaining balance of the budget is $57,005.19.

This available balance will be used for the development and growth of WKU students, he said.

Starting on Wednesday, organizational aid will begin. Different student organizations can apply for these SGA funds to receive $500 per academic year for their group or event.