Chic Chicks: How to detox your closet for spring

Monta Reinfelde

I recently moved into a new place, and one thing I really like about it is there’s a huge, spacious, open closet. I don’t own that many clothes to fill it up, but it gives me a great look on things I have and inspiring ideas on what I should own.

A lot of fashion and lifestyle magazines are full of articles about spring body and skin detox — how to eliminate toxins in our body, how to refresh skin and what products to use for healthy and shiny hair. I believe in taking it a little bit further. Besides yourself, your closet deserves a fresh start for the upcoming season too.

So, start with removing all your belongings out of the closet. Clean the dust from shelves and drawers. Then, one by one, start going through your clothing.

At the end of the process, you should have a lot of neat piles of clothing lying on your bed. One with dirty laundry that has to be washed, the second one with winter gear that will be removed from sight until the next winter. Then the third pile should consist of clothes that are worn now, transitioning the seasons.

The fourth one is for warm weather clothes, the fifth pile with socks as well as underwear, and the last pile is for clothing that you haven’t worn for a while, and it should really go to the trash or Goodwill. I truly believe that by getting rid of some old stuff, we are giving a space for something new to come into our lives.

In this case, let the new things be fancy clothing hangers, large, colorful storage boxes and a new shirt never hurts too.

Use your new hangers to hang clothes that shouldn’t get wrinkly, store your winter gear in the cool boxes and put everything else away, neatly folded in your clean drawers.

I bet you feel a lot better already, but the best part is just ahead. You might experience a little shock seeing how empty your closet might look now. It’s been almost a year when you bought the last new summer dress and a skirt. So it’s time for a list!

Sit down and write down what clothing you are definitely getting for the spring. Then make notes on what you wish you could buy.

Even though you might not have the money to go straight to the store, don’t worry. The season is not here yet, and the Kentucky weather is so obnoxious —changing every day. So, you can postpone your trip to mall for a couple of weeks and I really think you should do it, because the newest collections are not here yet.

There are some glimpses of spring fashions here and there, but if you rush into things, there is a great chance you will regret it later when the actual good stuff arrives.

These preparations are important. There is too much stress related with school and personal life to worry about what to wear. And it takes so little to be on the top of the things in this area.