Hardin Planetarium puts on winter-themed show

Jacob Parker

Hardin Planetarium has a great show for astronomy fans who don’t want to stargaze outside in the middle of the winter.

“Starry Tales for a Winter Night” projects the winter night sky onto the ceiling of the planetarium, and the show points out the different constellations.

Ronn Kistler, Hardin Planetarium coordinator, said this in-depth show is a learning experience for the audience.

“We look at different constellations and the origins of them,” he said. “We also ask the audience that if they were an ancient tribe, what would they name their constellation?”

“Starry Tales for a Winter Night” runs until Feb. 10, every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 p.m. and every Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

At the show, boards with constellations on them were passed out to audience members, who were then asked to create a story for that constellation.

Later, when the night sky was projected, the audience was asked to find specific constellations.

Bowling Green sophomore Chelsea Cornett said there was one constellation in particular that she preferred.

“My favorite constellation was Sirius,” she said.

Cornett also said she thought the presentation was educational and entertaining.

“I thought the show was really informative and fun, even for those who aren’t necessarily astronomy majors,” she said. “It was fun and free, a great thing for us to have on campus.”