WKU seeking to improve walkability near campus

WKU seeking to improve walkability near campus

Tessa Duvall

A familiar stretch of road may soon be changing hands.

It was announced at the first quarterly Board of Regents meeting on Friday that WKU would like to take over maintenance of part of Normal and State streets from the city of Bowling Green.

John Osborne, vice president for campus services and facilities, said the roadway runs from the intersection of Normal Drive and Regents Avenue near Gary Ransdell Hall, up to the intersection of State Street and College Heights Boulevard, which is near Thompson Complex Central Wing.

If the Bowling Green City Commission grants WKU permission to assume ownership maintenance of the road, measures would be taken to improve pedestrian safety and walkability, Osborne said. This would include wider sidewalks, updated light fixtures and reduction of the speed limit to 15 miles per hour, like on the rest of campus.

WKU officials said they think it is likely the city will allow the university to take control.