Future to perform at WKU

Tyler Prochazka

Labeled by MTV as one of the top new rappers of 2012, Future is headed to Bowling Green on Feb. 2 as part of his tour at the Sloan Convention Center.

Columbus, Ga. junior LaJarvis Evans is part of the company Startin5ive that helped bring Future to Bowling Green. Evans is on the “relations side” of the company, he said.


After some deliberation of who should be invited to Bowling Green, Startin5ive called Future and “he agreed to come down,” Evans said.

“Out of any place in Kentucky, he chose to come to Bowling Green,” he said.

Tickets are $25 for students and $35 for general admission. A VIP package is available for $50 which includes front row seats and an invitation to an after party that will feature an appearance by Future.

“After the concert, people don’t want to come home,” Evans said.

Gary, Ind. freshman Kaleiah Brown said she is a fan of Future and has followed him since her junior year in high school. She said she has seen him once, but it was not a full concert and she is “more than happy” he decided to come to Bowling Green.

She said it’s something where you have to listen to him to get it.

Startin5ive has brought several other performers to Bowling Green in the past, including Soulja Boy and Ray J. The company started with four WKU students in 2007, according to Evans.

Future will be Startin5ive’s first main event scheduled for 2013.

“We started to give our fan base something to look forward to,” Evans said.

Brown said that in the short time she was able to see Future previously, she decided that she not only enjoyed his rapping, but thought he was a “great performer” as well.

“He is really energetic,” she said. “It’s really worth the money.”

St. Louis, Mo. freshman Brandon Fields is also involved with putting on the concert.

He said he is part of promotion and giving out information.

Fields said Startin5ive asked the WKU students on Twitter if they wanted Future to come. Since the reaction from students was positive, it made the decision easy to ultimately contact Future.

“We see how it’s gonna work with the crowds,” Fields said.

One of the reasons Startin5ive considered Future was his recent rise to fame, Evans said.

“Right now, Future has a big buzz in the music industry,” Evans said.

At first, Brown did not particularly like Future. However, after she gave him a “try,” she became a fan.

Even if students are not a fan of Future yet, Brown said they should give him a try like she did.

“Future makes music anybody can listen to,” Brown said. “Anybody can relate to it.”