Ice rink Facebook page gains quick attention

Kristina Burton

In today’s economy, one might find it pretty difficult to get a business idea off the ground.

However, with the help of a Facebook page, Josh Grindstaff has done just that.

The Bowling Green Ice Rink page has gathered over 1,900 likes in just over two weeks.

Grindstaff said that he and his children enjoy participating in an inline hockey league, but they have to go to rinks in Owensboro, Nashville or Louisville to play.

“I started asking around and found out that a few years ago Bowling Green was very close to putting in an ice rink,” Grindstaff said. “So, I got together with a friend of mine and started brainstorming. We figured the cheapest and easiest way to gauge the interest was to use Facebook.”

Grindstaff, who is also on the board of directors for the Warren County Inline Hockey League, said that the goal is to offer recreational skating, figure skating and hockey at the rink. However, there have also been discussions of having other activities like curling and broomball.

Somerset sophomore Rachel Guffey likes the page’s idea.

“I think I would be at the ice rink all the time,” Guffey said. “I love ice skating, but there isn’t a rink near my hometown. An ice rink in Bowling Green would be absolutely ideal.”

As far as what comes next with putting this idea into action, Grindstaff says there is a plot of land on College Street that could be used for an arena.

“My plan right now is to work on getting a construction company to put together a generic quote that I can share with the city,” Grindstaff said. “I am also planning to work on getting hard copy advertisement out in the community to reach those that may not necessarily use Facebook.”

Although there are some financial roadblocks to conquer, Grindstaff believes it could still end up being a win-win situation for all involved.

“I believe the ice rink will bring in tournaments and meets. This could potentially be 100 families coming to Bowling Green and staying in our hotels, buying our gas, eating at our restaurants and shopping at our stores,” Grindstaff said.

Big Clifty senior Chase Logsdon agrees that an ice rink could be beneficial to Bowling Green.

“Judging by the number of likes and the various comments I’ve heard among students, I think that many would support a small town business like an ice skating rink and thus increase economic growth in the area,” Logsdon said.

Optimistically, Grindstaff would love to have a decision to move forward within the year. However he believes that the decision could be made and a facility built realistically within a longer time span of two or three years.

Either way, as time goes on, the number of supporters for an ice rink in Bowling Green continues to rise.

“I’m not sure of the impact this Facebook page will make towards actually bringing an ice rink to BG, but I think it’s a great start,” Guffey said. “I really hope Bowling Green sees an ice rink before I graduate.”