LETTER TO THE EDITOR: WKU has forgotten morals with Petrino hire

Don Loiacano

As an alumnus, employee and current member of Staff  Council, I am compelled to voice my displeasure and embarrassment over the announcement and hiring of WKU’s new football coach. I realize that priorities change at state universities – especially during budget crises – but this latest development makes me question the administration and its motives. The fact that the announcement was made at the beginning of finals week, with the president of WKU in China, seems calculated to lessen the uproar of this decision to take our university in a different direction.  

We are told that tradition and Spirit are held dear on the Hill, that we are “An American University with International Reach.” The national sports media has claimed that WKU has “sold its soul” for a few wins in football. I realize that some feel any publicity is good publicity and that each time WKU football is featured on national television that the rest of campus is given a three-hour commercial.  Does that justify sullying the reputation of all of us here on the Hill? Our current AD claims that second chances are the American way. This is not a second chance we are offering – our new coach has a decade long record of deceit toward his employers. We are allowing ourselves to be a stepping stone. A stepping stone that will eventually have to explain to young men and women – and employees – that ethics only matter on paper. I for one have lost all respect for those responsible.

-Don Loiacano