LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students need to voice opinion on bi-term proposals

Hilary Harlan

Students need to wake up and pay attention to the bi-term proposal going on at WKU. This proposal is not only going to affect the way that we learn and the way our professors teach but also the money in our wallets. I, for one, do not agree with this proposal because it is seemingly only being brought up in order to increase revenue for the school.

I can see no other benefits for such a proposal. Cramming six hours of classes into only seven weeks is a terrible idea for the majority of students. Due to federal loan regulations, if a student drops below those six hours, their federal loans would be revoked, and they would have to pay it all back in the middle of their classes. Professors will also have a heavier work load if this proposal goes through, requiring more extensive grading in a shorter amount of timeand giving students less helpful feedback.

Also, if we were to go with this bi-term system, students would be paying per credit hour, instead of per full-time load, so if a student wants to take eighteen hours per semester, they would end up paying $2118 more per semester than under our current system. No matter if you prefer bi-term classes or full semester classes, this proposal is not what is best for the students over all, and it’s going to be up to the students to stand up and tell the administration that we don’t want it.

-Hilary Harlan

Bowling Green junior