SGA donates cameras to TRC

Taylor Harrison

The Student Government Association has made it a little easier for students to check out cameras from the Technology Resource Center.

SGA passed a bill on Dec. 4 allocating funding to provide three Nikon Coolpix L26 digital cameras for TRC, a place where students can go on-campus to check out items such as cameras, tripods, laptops, video cameras and other types of equipment.

SGA president Cory Dodds said they wanted to donate the cameras because a lot of the equipment TRC rents out is vital to students, particularly for end-of-semester projects.

“The TRC is always hard-pressed to find funds to provide adequate technology for the students, and we just wanted to help out a little bit,” Dodds said.

Cain Alvey, SGA’s administrative vice president, said they chose to donate cameras because when he met with the head of TRC, he was told that TRC needed cameras the most, as they are most often checked out.

“Every major and pretty much every student on this campus at one point or another has to take pictures for some kind of project or something,” Alvey said.

He said he originally wanted to think of something to do for TRC because it’s invaluable to students.

“I figured the more we have available for students to use, the more likely that the students will succeed in the work that they’re doing for their projects,” Alvey said.

This is not the first time SGA has donated a technological resource to a center on campus. Last year, SGA donated iPads to the Educational Resources Center.

“So, it’s just something we kept going,” Alvey said.