Dine with Decision Makers

Quiche Matchen

Tonight Student Government Association dined with decision maker across Kentucky and WKU administrators in the Kentucky Museum.

The diner started off with SGA president Cory Dodds thanking everyone for coming out to the event and hoped they enjoyed themselves.

Keyana Boka, SGA executive vice president, took the stage to say the prayer before guests ate.

Each table had a mix of decision makers, WKU administrators and students paired by similar interests or fields to help the conversation.

Wadsworth, Ohio senior Sarah Brazier was the keynote speaker of the night, who talked about her experience as a WKU student and how higher education isn’t just about individuals getting a leg up in society.

“It (higher education) builds a productive and innovative economy it creates an informed and empowered citizenry and leads to a higher quality of life among families and communities, Brazier said.“Everyone benefits from more people receiving higher education it is essential that we continue to make quality education available for those who seek it across the commonwealth.”

Brazier said she thinks creating a diverse student body in Kentucky’s higher education system needs to be pursued rigorously.

“Diversity ensures social justice and intellectual growth,” she said. “New perspectives and unique experiences are raw to the marketplace of ideas enriching understanding among Kentucky’s young adult.”

Davie Greer, Barren County Judge Executive, said this was her first time at the event.

“I got the invitation and I thought it would be nice to represent Barren County,” Greer said. “It was great meeting all of the people here, the student were very informative.”

Greer said if she’s invited again she will definitely be in attendance.

Across the table from Greer was Boka who said the conversation at their table was quite interesting.

“We talked about all types of things from higher education to redistricting and how that worked,” Boka said. “It was a great success. Everyone had a good time.”