LETTER TO THE EDITOR: WKU fails to recognize Pearl Harbor attacks

Tyler Scaff

Over three and a half thousand Americans had their memories insulted Friday at WKU.

On December 7, 1941, over 350 Japanese aircraft launched just north of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and destroyed Pearl Harbor. 2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 werewounded. The attack was unprovoked and happened while the Japanese were still in peace talks with the USA.

Yet, as of 2:00 PM Friday, WKU has still not lowered the flags to half-mast in memorial. It can only be assumed that the powers that be have simply forgotten one of the most devastating days in American history. This oversight is not only an insult to an American national tradition, but also an insult to the memories of all Americans affected by the attacks.

The date that lives in infamy must not be forgotten again. We should all take a hard look at our country, and be thankful for what previous generations have sacrificed to keep this great nation alive and well.

-Tyler Scaff

La Grange Sophomore