Letter from the editor: Mask burning was news worthy of coverage

Tessa Duvall

When it came time to choose photos for the front page of Friday’s College Heights Herald, my fellow editors and I had a decision to make: run a photo of students burning a Mitt Romney mask, or go with something less provocative.

In the end, the call was easy to make. Our mission as a newspaper is to accurately report what happens on this campus — glamorous or not. The mask burning was done in a very public setting witnessed by dozens of onlookers, as well as a Herald photographer. It is also worth noting that the front page prominently displayed other students reacting with prayer and surprise to results on TV.

Not everything that occurs on a college campus makes the administration, alumni and current students proud. I am certainly not proud that some of my fellow Hilltoppers felt the need to “celebrate” election results by burning the image of Romney.

But, it happened. The Herald cannot and will not hide that.

Tessa Duvall,

Herald Editor-in-Chief