LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Election reaction uncalled for

Dalton Workman

Last week, President Barack Obama won re-election over Mitt Romney. The great thing about our American process is the fact that we have a peaceful transition of power every four years. This peaceful transition has been a beacon for the world for over 236 years. However, this beacon could be in jeopardy if our generation has any say in it. When the President’s victory was confirmed, many supporters of the President flocked to the PFT courtyard to show their excitement. 

Yet during what should’ve been a cordial event, some individuals thought it would be a great idea to light a mask of Mitt Romney on fire. What does this accomplish? This country is polarized enough by the partisan politics of our election cycle. Now, we have individuals who feel that it is appropriate to disrespect someone by lighting a mask of them on fire! 

What if this had been a mask of the President, would it be okay then? It seems to me that this generation needs to grow up and learn how to respectfully disagree with someone’s views! If not, then we are bound to become a country where peaceful disagreement is a thing of the past!  

— Dalton Workman

Cerulean senior