WKU faculty, students react to Ghost Hunters probe

Maciena Justice

Investigating creepy sounds of the night is a ghost hunter’s job.

Luckily for WKU, there are professionals to call in to examine the campus’ ghostly folklore.

“Ghost Hunters,” a reality show on the Syfy channel, follows The Atlantic Paranormal Society team as they travel around America searching for evidence of the paranormal.

After Tamela Smith, manager of interactive video services at WKU, contacted the team, it came to WKU in early August.

Smith has been collecting and creating a database of ghost stories she has heard.

The team investigated Potter Hall, Van Meter Hall and Florence Schneider Hall, home of the Gatton Academy.

“The TAPS team was only here for one night, the film crew was here longer,” Smith said. “It was one of their largest investigations — three buildings all in one night.”

Smith participated in a mini investigation when Britt Griffith, TAPS investigator and cast member of “Ghost Hunters,” showed her some of the team’s expensive equipment.

“It was a really good experience,” Smith said. “I was really proud of how we were represented on a national level.”

Beth Hawke, assistant director of residential life for Gatton, who lives in Schneider Hall, said she has never experienced anything paranormal in the building.

“The results were what I expected,” she said. “I’m glad to put to rest the legend of Judy.”

While there is no historical record of Judy’s death, she is the supposed ghost that haunts the Schneider building.

DJ Richardson, a Winchester junior in the academy, was disappointed in the evidence.

“I was hoping for it because it would be cool to live in a haunted building,” Richardson said.

Howard Bailey, vice president for Student Affairs, was on the show to tell about his own experiences.

“I didn’t expect them to find anything,” Bailey said. “I was surprised that they found the voices.”

Bailey said the team was very professional and thorough with its investigation.

“I was shocked they had a couple of vehicles loaded with equipment,” he said.

The episode, titled “Higher Dead-ucation,” aired Nov. 21 and will re-air on Dec. 5 at 7 p.m.