SGA, Glasgow campus unite for representation

Quiche Matchen

Earlier this month, Student Government Association officials went to the Glasgow campus to reach out to students and faculty about restarting their student representative body and incorporating it on main campus.

SGA President Cory Dodds said they’re still working to see what best represents Glasgow’s student body association to give it a real voice for their concerns.

“Glasgow students have no mechanism for their voices to be heard except coming here or getting in contact with us,” he said.

Dodds said a Glasgow student could still be an SGA officer now, but it’s unlikely because of practical limitations, such as distance.

Christopher Costa, speaker of the senate, said he thinks Glasgow students want a student representative body, because issues at other campuses may not be obvious to main campus.He said they’re still in discussion about the organization, and nothing has been finalized yet.

Roy Ratliff, who said he is the nominated interim president of Glasgow’s student body, said his nomination will get the ball rolling for the organization.

“Glasgow had an associated student body that was supposed to work in conjunction with SGA and was supposed to represent Glasgow’s campus,” Ratliff said.

He said after a few semesters, the organization had no voting ability and a float in the Christmas parade.

Ratliff said he cares about the organization because the past four semesters he’s been there it’s been hard for him and other Glasgow students to get services that main campus students get.

“SGA gives out scantrons for free,” Ratliff said. “At Glasgow, we don’t have that.”

He said another service Glasgow students don’t have is a writing center.

“It’s our top priority to establish a writing center at Glasgow,” he said. “When students leave Glasgow, they aren’t equipped as main campus students because they don’t have access to this service.”

He said he hopes to have a writing center by the spring semester at Glasgow. The student body association at Glasgow has put aside $2,700 in support of the writing center.

He said he has a lot of ideas for changes for the Glasgow student body, the first being the name of the organization.

The organization’s name was Associated Student Body, but he wants to change the name to Glasgow’s Student Body Association. They will be holding a special session to ratify a new constitution for the name change on Friday at 3 p.m.

Ratliff said the organization will have a better relationship with Glasgow, attend city council meetings, volunteer programs and represent the student body.