EDITORIAL: Finish out the semester strong

Herald Staff

THE ISSUE: Coming off Thanksgiving break, students may be dreading the upcoming finals week or, worse, may have been stressing the past semester because of college work.

OUR STANCE: While it seems hard to believe, only three weeks remain in the fall 2012 semester. The finish line is almost here — students have to give one final push.

College is stressful. And, most days, it can get the better of us. Whether it’s due to preparing for the first test of the year or writing our last paper, sometimes the stresses of school — coupled with pressures from everyday life — can cause many to lose hope, feel frustrated or not perform as well as they otherwise could.

The most demanding time comes at the end of the semester when assignments and due dates come crashing into one another, creating a seemingly impossible task to get past: finals week.

The Herald is here pep you up and push you through to the end. Yes, it is hard, and yes, we all are exhausted.

Yet, if college was easy, then everyone would be walking around with degrees. The truth is that earning a degree or doing well in a class takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. It is times like this, after a trying few months, where most of that perseverance is needed.

Remembering the reason you decided to come to college in the first place, the big picture, can help at times when we are lacking motivation or energy. Imagine yourself walking across the stage in your  cap and gown. Envision yourself with your degree on your wall or shaking President Ransdell’s hand. Visualize the career you hope to have one day

Once finals week is over, we all are free to recoup, relax and get all the rest we missed out on when school was in session.

Until then, create study groups, eat well and watch funny animal videos. Whatever you do, make sure to laugh and keep things in perspective.

While it’s hard to see past the mountain of books on our desk or beyond the to-do list we have created for ourselves, it’s important to remember that we’re almost done. And with it comes all the nirvana we’ve been longing for.

So here’s to you, WKU. We know you’ve got what it takes to get through the next three weeks. Go get ‘em, Tops.