Chic Chicks: Shop online for winter gear

Monta Reinfelde

During these two and a half years in college, I have heard a lot of friends complaining about the poor shopping opportunities in Bowling Green. They say there aren’t enough good stores, and the selection in the existing stores is terrible.

It’s really time to stop complaining.

Since the invention of the Internet, the coolest shopping destinations in London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York are just a few clicks away.

I’m a huge fan of buying my clothes online. It takes some planning ahead and keeping up with the latest trends to know what I will want to wear the next season. However, I always make my orders in advance so the desired piece of jewelry, a winter jacket or comfy rain boots arrive exactly at the right time for me to show off on campus.

Yes, there is a chance of getting the wrong size. Yes, it is annoying to wait a week (in the best-case scenario) for the purchase to arrive. Yes, it’s stupid to pay more just for shipping and handling, but in the end, when you finally find that large box at your doorstep, it is so worth it.

The last thing I bought online was a fur neck-warmer from It was a total rip-off for a scarf, but I don’t think I have ever gotten so many compliments in just a few days of wearing it.

Because fur never really goes out of style, I comfort myself with the thought that it was an investment.

I also enjoy European fashion, especially that in London. My favorite online stores are and I call it high fashion for budget prices.

To be successful in ordering clothes from other countries, you should do a little research beforehand and find out details about sizing and other currencies.

Shopping is believed to be addictive, and for me, it really is when it comes down to online shopping. It’s so easy and engaging to go through all those fancy shopping sites examining each look and dreaming how nice it would look on me.

The next thing I know, I receive an email that my order has been made successfully. This way, I avoid going to the mall, waiting in lines, dealing with associates, and buying something just because I made all this effort to go there.

So if you are looking for some statement pieces and want to stand out in the crowd of other college students, online shopping is the best way to do that in Bowling Green.

The next time you visit the mall, you won’t reach for your wallet to buy the first thing you see, because you know how much good stuff the rest of the world has to offer.