South Campus bookstore opens Friday, food court may reopen

Taylor Harrison

After months without a food court and limited food options, things are looking up for South Campus.

Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Auxiliary Services, said the bookstore at South Campus, where the students can get sandwiches, will now be open on Fridays from at least 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the remainder of the fall semester.

Meszaros also said he and Tim Colley, dining services director, recently met to discuss possible options for a food court to be opened in the spring semester.

“Tim and I met and have an idea for next semester involving using students in business and hospitality classes to operate the food court on a limited basis,” Meszaros said.

Meszaros said they plan to contact Students in Free Enterprise and Hospitalities Management to see if their students would be interested in working at a smaller scaled food court.

However, he said this idea is in the preliminary stages.

One possibility, if the idea is implemented, is that the students could get class credit for running the food court, Meszaros said.

He said the students could get paid as well.

The idea of extending bookstore hours to open on Fridays so students could access the food options there every day really caught his attention he said.

The idea was proposed at a meeting regarding the closing of the South Campus food court earlier in the semester.

“If they have that many people there … needing food on Friday, we want to make sure we meet those needs,” Meszaros said.

Trish Jaggers, a full-time instructor at South Campus, said she’s glad the bookstore will remain open on Fridays so students can eat on campus.

“They need to have access to something to eat besides candy bars out of a vending machine,” Jaggers said.

She also said she hopes they will continue to work on a food court option for next semester. While she is grateful the bookstore will be open on Fridays, she said no one is satisfied with the food being offered at the bookstore.

“It’s offering bad food one extra day of the week,” Jaggers said.

She also said she wants students to have more options.

“I would be very much in support of any option that they can bring out that has hot food, fresh food,” she said.