CHH Politics: Election shows a need for a greater third party

Hilary Harlan

This year’s election came with an astounding lack of options for the American people.  On one side, we had President Obama, whose healthcare plan is still believed to be unconstitutional by many. On the other, we had Mitt Romney, who believed in…what? It was difficult to pin him down because he changed positions so often. Then, there were the third party candidates that we all knew wouldn’t win because they weren’t Republicans or Democrats.  

What we should’ve learned from this election is that having only two choices doesn’t work as a strategy for choosing leaders. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right and the Democratic Party to the left that neither party is able to represent any large portion of our nation.  

The most important thing that we’ve learned from this election is that the face of America is changing. The minority vote, including Latinos, Black Americans and women made up the deciding votes in this year’s election. Yes, that can be a threatening thing if you’re a Caucasian man, but this turnout of minority voters isn’t just because there are more minorities.  It’s because minorities are finally becoming more visible in our society. They’re finally seeing the American Dream as their own. The face of America is changing because the playing field is starting to even out. Anyone who is threatened by an even playing field wouldn’t have signed the Lily Ledbetter Act or encouraged Affirmative Action because they would’ve been scared of competition.  

The voter turnout this year just goes to show that when people believe that they’ve got a chance to become something better, they’re always willing to take action to create that better world. This is our chance to take back America and let it be the great nation that it once was. This is our chance to create a moment of united history, where we forget race and gender and become a nation of united success, instead of a lobster boil where no one survives because they’re all pulling each other down to get to the top.