Picnic with the president a SGA tradition

Quiche Matchen

Student Government Association members have been cordially invited to a picnic with WKU President Gary Ransdell and his wife Julie.

SGA’s executive board and student senators along with WKU Administrative Council are the guests who will attend the picnic held on Oct. 22 in Ransdell’s backyard. Guests are encouraged dress business casual.

Ransdell said he and SGA president Cory Dodds have talked for several months about ways to connect his office with SGA.

“I came up with the idea to have a cookout at my house,” Ransdell said. “This is an attempt to facilitate SGA members with the university executive officers.”

Ransdell said similar events such as the picnic have been done in the past.

“I look forward to enjoying their company and letting them talk formally or informally,” he said.

Dodds said he thought it was important for SGA members to have a professional relationship with Ransdell’s administrative council.

“We’ve done it for several years — it’s an SGA tradition,” Dodds said.

Keyana Boka, executive vice president, said she looks forward to the event.

“We’ll have a nice dinner with the president and converse and learn what’s going on, on campus,” Boka said. “I hope that good conversation and important issues come up.”

Boka said she thinks it’s important to know what’s on the president’s agenda.

Other SGA members attending said they are excited for the opportunity to meet Ransdell and see what he’s got planned for the future.

Student senator Laura Harper said she’s excited to meet Ransdell.

“A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to,” Harper said. “I’m hoping to get information about what’s going on around WKU, what he plans for the coming year and promote SGA agendas.”

Mallory Treece, secretary of senate, is also excited for the opportunity. She said she’s glad Ransdell is so interested and involved with the student body.

“I’m excited and I think it’s a good opportunity to see what’s going on, on campus to get an inside perception,” Treece said.