Student government mingle with WKU administration at picnic

Quiche Matchen

Tonight Student Government Association’s executive board and student senators shared food and discussion with WKU Administrative Council, president Gary Ransdell and his wife Julie.

The idea for the picnic came from SGA President Cory Dodds and Ransdell. Both talked for several months about how to facilitate SGA members with the university’s administration.


SGA has had similar events in the past with Ransdell to create a professional relationship between him and SGA members, Dodds said.

The picnic took place in Ransdell’s backyard, complete with music, food and discussions.

Ransdell started off the picnic by thanking everyone who showed up and emphasized the importance of SGA members getting to know the administrative council.

As the guest sat down to eat, a flurry of discussions arose from each table.

Discussions topics ranged from handicap accessibility, food options to Downing University Center renovations.

Overall most SGA members were pleased with the picnic.

Christopher Costa, speaker of the student senate, said the picnic was a complete success and a great way to connect with the Administrative Council.

“There’s a bridge between Administrative Council and students, but events like this can make relations there,” Costa said.

Keyana Boka, executive vice president, agreed with Costa that the picnic was useful.

“It went very well with great discussion about what’s going on and getting ideas out there,” Boka said. “A lot of questions were answered with Ransdell and other administrative council members.”

Boka said she definitely thinks SGA will try to have the event again in the future.

Student senator Mac Mulcins said he had both a great time, and a great discussion.

Mulcins said at his table the discussion revolved around the progress of DUC, different dining locations and insight about the South Campus food court closing.

“It’s nice to meet with different administrations and I look forward to doing this again,” Mulcins said.