SGA bill funds Campus Clean-up

Quiche Matchen

During last Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting, the organization unanimously approved funding for its bi-annual Campus Clean-up event.

The clean-up bill approved funding for promotional T-shirts for volunteers at the event on Oct. 23.

Campus Clean-up was started with past WKU President Henry Cherry to help maintain campus beauty.

Mallory Chaney, committee chairman, said providing free tees to volunteers will give students more of a reason to participate.

“Nothing’s better than getting a free T-shirt,” Chaney said. “It gives student-incentive to come out and volunteer.”

Chaney said the shirts will be dark gray with an SGA logo and something along the lines of “Tops making a difference” to help promote Make a Difference Day.

USA Weekend’s Make a Difference Day was created in 1992 to unite Americans in a “common mission to improve the lives of others,” according to the group’s website.

“I’m excited for Campus Clean-up because we get to make campus more beautiful than it already is,” Chaney said. “I’m also glad that we had the funds to get T-shirts again.”

Chaney said she hopes to have a good turnout this year.

Keyana Boka, SGA executive vice president, said she thinks this tradition is important.

“It’s an important tradition because it shows we care and want campus to be beautiful,” Boka said. “I think it’s a rewarding experience because you’re doing community service and getting a T-shirt. We’re hoping to expand the event to include other community service activities.”

Boka took part in the event last year.  She said SGA is in the process of implementing other sustainable efforts on campus that incorporate community service.

SGA President Cory Dodds is also excited about the campus clean-up bill passing.

“I think it’s a good thing because it promotes volunteering and gives students the opportunity to get service hours,” Dodds said.