SGA passes four bills

Quiche Matchen

Student Government Association was on a roll passing bills at Tuesday night’s meeting.

SGA second read an Organizational aid bill for Hilltoppers for Life organization.

The organization requested $375 to rent a photo booth for an anti-abortion photo experience program.

Cain Alvey, author of bill, said the organization is “pro-life” because they’re pushing to show how great life is, and isn’t about political beliefs.

Three bills were up for first read, but were moved to unfinished business so SGA could vote on them.

In the study abroad scholarship bill, SGA will distribute $14,100 from the scholarship fund to assist students participating in study abroad programs.

The scholarship will award qualifying students up to $300 per term, with a maximum of $600 for an academic year. The funds support students’ tuition fees, travel expenses, or other expenses relevant to their program, according to the bill.

In another scholarship bill, SGA will award eight students with a $100 scholarship for the Study Away program.

The Study Away program provides students with learning opportunities throughout the United States and engages them in educational and cultural experiences, according to the bill.

For the last bill, a scholar development grant award, SGA will distribute $4,525 from the scholarship fund to assist students participating in student research.The grant will award qualifying students up to $250 for participation in research. 

The funds will support students’ conference attendance fees, equipment costs, travel expenses, test prep fees, or other expenses relevant to their academic involvement, according to the bill.

All bills were approved.

Other bills up for first read were those offering funding for organizations Amazing Tones of Joy, Women’s Rugby club, S.T.R.I.P.E.S. (Hilltoppers Official Association) and the Woman’s Ultimate Frisbee club.

Amazing Tones of Joy requested $500 for the funding to rent equipment and to hire guest speakers and singers for a concert.

Women’s Rugby club requested $400 for the registration cost to the NashBash tournament in Nashville, Tenn.

S.T.R.I.P.E.S. requested $500 to pay for their flag football tournament slots and registration for WKU flag football team.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team requested $500 to pay for registration costs for tournaments and new equipment for their team.

Those bills will be voted on at the next meeting.