LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Political apathy no excuse for upcoming election

Austin Wingate

“Yes we can, yes we can,” were the words shouted out by hundreds of students in support of then-Senator Barack Obama. “Country first” were the words shouted out by hundreds of students in support of Senator John McCain. Then, on Nov. 4, 2008, it was announced that Barack Obama would become the 44th President of the United States of America, and we as a people could say that we achieved great things, but can the same be said in 2012?

Walking the Hill now, the level of activism and drive for either President Obama or former Gov. Mitt Romney is lacking. The argument of saying that students really don’t care is a reality that is being visualized on our campus. Even the level of unregistered voters on campus is an action that is appalling. Over 500 students since the start of school have been registered to vote by campus organizations, but the question is “How many of them will actually go vote?”

Has the drive democratic and political involvement died since ’08? Have we gotten to a point where we can say that the dream has been achieved? Until every American, whether black, white, Asian or Hispanic, all can enjoy the great pride and feeling of the American dream, can we say that the dream has been achieved? 

No matter what the election of 2012 presents, can we say that we did our part, or have we entered a state of numbness for good?

Austin Wingate,

Fort Knox senior