LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New Secular Student Alliance poster distasteful

Jonathon Wurth

The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) has a new flier displayed around campus showing a man in a turban decapitating a cartoonist. The SSA has the freedom to display this cartoon, but their disregard for Muslim and Arab students in displaying it is morally reprehensible.

Many Muslims and Arabs here are visitors from abroad and have chosen to study here on American turf. Americans should welcome them as guests, not ridicule them for their beliefs.

Some may say that the cartoon is only ridiculing militant Islam, not Islam as a whole. This may be true. However, the image is emotionally loaded and can only exacerbate tensions between Muslims and non-Muslim Americans, not heal them.

It is time to discuss and debate, to bring questions and answers to the table, not to ridicule and mock. The SSA has done a disservice to this campus by displaying this flier. 

Jonathon Wurth,

Bowling Green