LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Accountability needed on part of Honors College

Hilary Harlan

The Honors College at WKU seems like a great idea when you’re a freshman, but I can say, after two years with the college, I’m not sure if it’s worth it to continue. 

Personally, I’ve been disappointed with the Honors College the last few years. Each advising appointment, I show up five minutes early, and they get me in 10 to 20 minutes late. In the past month, I’ve made two appointments with two separate advisers in the Honors College. One emailed the day of my appointment to reschedule for a month later. 

The other didn’t even bother to be in office when I arrived for my appointment. I was informed when I walked in that she had already left for the day. This is not the way that a business should be run. It’s unprofessional, and it’s just rude. In my opinion, the Honors College really needs to straighten up and act like their students.

If I didn’t show up to appointments or to class or showed up to class 20 minutes late each time, I wouldn’t be allowed in the Honors College because I would be a waste of their time, so the Honors College should not be allowed to treat its students like our time doesn’t matter. We as students need to hold the Honors College accountable for their seemingly unprofessional attitudes. They are there for us, and they need to start acting like it.

Hilary Harlan

Bowling Green junior