LETTER TO THE EDITOR: UK supporters should think twice

Pete Mahurin

As a graduate of WKU with many years of history in the business world, I have thoughts to share with WKU students who support UK, or any other WKU opponent by wearing clothing with school logos. 

If you were an employee who practiced that kind of behavior in the business world you may be out of a job. If a person I supervised came to work with clothing supporting the name of a competitor, I would send the offender home with a reprimand, but they would only have one chance. Think about the response your co-workers and supervisors would have if you purchased and used products of a competitor. 

I am speaking as a person with 50 years of business experience who has been on corporate boards more than half that time, and who currently serves on six boards in four different industries (chairman of two). These vary in size from fewer than 100 employees to many thousands, but the message is the same….loyalty matters!

Pete Mahurin,

WKU graduate

Bowling Green