Chic Chicks: Leather, denim in style for fall


Monta Reinfelde

Right now is a very special time of year in the magnificent world of fashion. Vogue celebrates its 120th year anniversary, and the seasons are changing to open space in our closets and minds for new beginnings.

Fashion Week is also at its peak, bringing together fashion lovers from all around the world. What could possibly be a better time for glitz and glamour in our own packed schedules? Let’s celebrate!

Fall/winter 2012 fashions are clearly going in plenty of different directions, but they’re still compatible.

School is so in this fall on the fashion scene, from innocent schoolgirl chic with crisp, white blouses and pleated skirts to outfits and accessories that go beyond cliché school uniforms. We finally have a reason to make some effort in getting out of bed and actually making it to that 8 a.m. class.

To show some attitude, throw on an oversized sweater, statement jewelry, leather skirt and gloves that will give a little edge to your look. It will instantly turn your style from innocent to rebellious.

My personal favorite this fall is denim — although it’s my favorite no matter the season. However, in 2012, I will combine my favorite jeans with peplum blouses, smart blazers or even a military jacket with some shiny embellishments to achieve the perfect combination of the “masculine-feminine” look.

Every person is not the same, and maybe you couldn’t care less about the newest fashion trends, details and colors, but listen up. When it finally does get colder, my guess is you’ll have to go shopping for warmer clothes. Sorry you can’t escape that (since it’s not appropriate to stroll around campus naked). But you can make the best effort so the next time you throw on the first thing you found in your closet it will actually be stylish. Go gothic, or have a red moment by dressing head to toe in coral or crimson. Even your favorite T-shirts in these hues won’t look boring.

School is the place to keep clothing and accessories low-key while playing it up with a few dramatic details. However, when the weekend comes filled with all kinds of events and parties, it’s time to shine. Look for inspiration in oriental fashions, exotic prints, embroidery and colors. Let the light dance on your sequined dress like in old Hollywood films, or go against minimalism with over-the-top, baroque clothing.

So there’s the newest, fall/winter trends laid out for your consideration. Either you want to be an innocent (or rebellious) schoolgirl, an old Hollywood diva, an oriental princess or all at once — it’s up to you. The new season is here. Make it fashionable and unforgettable!