Chic Chicks: Guys should switch it up this fall

Monta Reinfelde

Lately, my inner fasionista agrees with me to sleep in longer, sacrificing makeup and dress-up time for more minutes under my warm covers. Therefore, I feel like this is the right moment to let myself — and all the other fashionistas on campus — relax while examining our male friends’ dressing habits.

Basically, three types of style can be recognized when paying attention to the guys at WKU.

Artsy guys – they usually dress trendy and up-to-date. There’s always a wow factor with their style in the form of cool shoes, skinny jeans or unexpected accessories.

Frat boys – they’re always classy and always the same. “Frat-boy styles” are button-up shirts, khaki pants, Sperry boat shoes and of course, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Athletes (or wannabe athletes) – these guys pretty much throw on anything that can be worn in the gym or at practice. This style mostly comes down to T-shirts with their favorite sports team’s name or (in the worst case) cut-off sleeved shirts with shorts and running shoes.

Clearly, this is a generalization because here and there you can spot somebody not fitting in any of the previously mentioned categories.

Overall, this is how the fashion scene looks for men on our campus.

The next couple of lines are meant for those men on campus who care about what they wear and are down to try some new things.

Nobody said you have to look like the men on runways, but there are a couple cool things you should try to introduce in your wardrobe this fall:

• Leather bomber jacket – it’s a classic and looks pretty cool. It might cost a small fortune, but because it never goes far off the trend charts, it’s so worth it.

• Prints – they come in all shapes and sizes this fall. You can choose to wear them on your button-up shirt or long trousers. Whichever you decide to do, will get you noticed. Prints are a pretty bold statement piece.

• Army clothing – It makes a comeback in fashion frequently, every time with a new twist. This season’s key element is an army green color in outerwear. Your main goal when wearing it is to make it look effortless, functional and cool.

• Most of all, navy is the new black. If nothing else from the fall 2012 fashion trends suits your taste, this is exactly what you should go for. Navy will refresh your look, whether worn as a cardigan, shirt, pants or even a bow tie.