SGA resolution opposes bi-term, per credit-hour proposal

Herald Staff

Tuesday night’s Student Government Association meeting revolved around a resolution that opposed the recent bi-term proposal brought up by WKU administrators. 

Under the proposal, students would be in class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 80 minutes for every class. 

President Gary Ransdell told the Herald earlier this semester that the emphasis would help students graduate earlier.

“With this, you can take a full-time load with bi-terms plus a summer or winter course and graduate in three years,” Ransdell said of the plan.

Another aspect of the proposal would cause tuition to move to a per credit-hour format.

SGA President Cory Dodds said this major aspect of the proposal that would hurt students.

“Under this proposal you’re not only changing the way that your classes are structured, but your also charging students essentially more money because right now as it stands, full time students are charged for 12 semester hours, but can enroll up to 18,” Dodds said. “So, under the new model students would be paying for every single credit hour and I mean — that’s a financial burden that students should not have to bear.”

Dodds told the Herald last month that the resolution would focus on the per credit-hour aspect of the proposal.

SGA unanimously voted to approve the resolution.