Chic Chicks: Don’t fall for these fashion faux pas

Zirconia Alleyne

To say Bowling Green weather is unpredictable would be an understatement, and with fall slowly making its debut, it’s time to get prepared for crazy weather. One minute it’s 80 degrees with clear skies, the next it’s cold, rainy and windy with a chance of hail, snow or sleet.

The idea of cooler temperatures may inspire some to layer sweaters with scarves and socks with boots, especially guys. I’ve noticed that most males anticipate the fall because there’s simply more options. However, with more options come more fashion flops. I have to give men kudos for piecing together cohesive looks during this time of year. A man in a crisp jacket or leather coat can certainly make a girl’s head turn.

Females, on the other hand, have outfits which take a little more planning when the seasons start to change. There’s so many ways to mix-and-match cardigans with jeans and booties that it can all start to look a mess if overdone or done incorrectly.

     Pet Peeve Number One: Never wear rain boots or UGGs with shorts. Point, blank, period. It looks silly. If it’s raining or snowing outside and you have on shorts, your feet are going to be swimming by the time you get to class. Then, what’s the purpose of wearing chunky galoshes anyway? Basically, if it’s chilly outside, wear boots. If it’s hot, wear shorts. But never (ever, ever, ever) pair the two together. Either you’re cold or you’re not.

 Pet Peeve Number Two: Neither leggings nor tights are pants. We’ve all had a day where it was easier to throw on leggings, a cute top and boots, and go. But this should never happen more than once.

When this trend first started, there was a gray area between what worked and what didn’t, but from this day on, you’ll know the difference. If the outline of your undergarments can be seen by anyone within five feet of your butt, you are wearing leggings. If “KISS THIS” or bright pink polka dots are flashing the person behind you on the stairs, you are wearing tights. Although, both curve huggers are essential for fall, they should be worn under an oversized cowl neck sweater or a thigh-length dress.

Pet Peeve Number Three:

 Never sacrifice warmth to be cute. Face it. You won’t feel or look cute if you’re shivering all the way up the Hill. There are so many ways to be trendy and snuggly this fall.

From cozy knit scarves, gloves and lumberjack hats to sweaters, coats and heavy denim. All of the above will come in handy – especially when trekking to class in the morning.

 It may seem a little early to say goodbye to summer, but before we know it there will be snowflakes and icicles right outside our bedroom windows. Oh, and don’t forget your umbrella. No fashionista wants to be caught in a rain storm without anything to protect her threads, kicks or handbag.