MASTER plan performer dazzles audience with magic, juggling

Chela Counts

MASTER Plan participants marched to the top of the Hill Tuesday night, eager to be amazed by three-in-one performer Michael DuBois.

Van Meter Hall played host to the magician, juggler and comic circus artist in a “Solo Circus” variety show last night, according to Blair Silliman, MASTER Plan Coordinator.

Audience members sat on the edge of their seats waiting for the artist, who has appeared twice on NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show,” and has performed at more than 500 colleges worldwide.

DuBois kept the audience entertained by jumping rope while juggling, balloon sculpting a dog through his nasal cavity, and escaping a strait jacket while balancing on a 6-foot unicycle.

While attending a circus variety show was a first for many in the audience, it was DuBois’ first time performing live in the state of Kentucky. He said Van Meter was one of the nicest theaters he has performed in.

“Performing at colleges is great, but they’re weird because sometimes you get beautiful theaters like this one and sometimes you get shows outside where there is only a riser stage,” DuBois said.

“It’s a treat to be on a really beautiful stage because the lights are great and I could see well tonight.”

Andee Skaggs, a freshman native from Havre de Grace, Md., was the first volunteer to go on stage. Skaggs said the show was quite different than what she expected.

“I thought the show was great, it was a lot of fun,” Skaggs said.

“I wouldn’t have normally volunteered to go up on stage and do something like that, so it took me out of my comfort zone and it wasn’t what I expected,” she said.