Food venue delays cause long lines

Customers wait in line for their order Thursday, August 30, 2012 at Einstein Bros. Bagels in Mass Media and Technology Hall.

Quiche Matchen

Students standing in long lines for food may be wondering when other options like RedZone or Panda Express will be open.

RedZone is currently scheduled to open Sept. 14, according to signs posted outside the restaurant. Panda Express is scheduled to open on Sept. 23, according to the WKU Restaurant and Catering group website.

Bryan Russell, director of Planning, Design and Construction, said that RedZone and Panda Express took a back seat to other dining projects.

“Topper Cafe and Subway were the top priorities so that they could be ready when classes started,” Russell said.Tim Colley, director of Dining Services, said RedZone not being open is due to the size of the DUC project.

“RedZone is part of DUC renovation project and it’s a pretty big project,” Colley said.  

Colley said RedZone will be putting in an upper floor in the restaurant.

“If you’ve been to RedZone before you know it had that double-high ceiling, but they’re putting in a deck back there,” Colley said. “And they’re putting in a floor for the upper floor since they’re not going have that double space now.”

Colley said the project has run a little long because the entire infrastructure  has to be installed, systems such as plumbing and water.

“This year with RedZone we’re going to try to focus on more speed of service because most of the sales of RedZone are meal plan exchanges,” Colley said. “We’re going to look at how we can move things faster since it’s on a carry-out basis.”

Another campus restaurant facing delays is the new Panda Express located in Garrett Auditorium.

Colley said that changing part of the auditorium to house a food service has been a challenge.

“There will be a considerate amount of changes to convert to a food service,” he said.

Russell said that since Panda Express will be a new venue on campus, the equipment for it will be coming in from California and employees will have to be trained before it can open.

Popular locations such as RedZone not being open have likely contributed to long lines at currently open food locations.

Nashville, Tenn., freshman Ke’Andrea Davis said she’s frustrated with the long lines.

“It’s frustrating because I have other things to do and I’ll be so hungry,” Davis said. “I leave sometimes and come back and the line is still long.”

Radcliff senior Antonio Mouncil said  he’s used to waiting in long lines so it’s not too bad.

“It can be annoying when I get out of class because I feel like it’s such a rush,” Mouncil said.

Webster junior KaSandra Mitchell said students just have to be patient.

“You just have to be patient on a campus with 20,000 students,” Mitchell said. “I’m a pretty patient person, plus it’s a growing campus. That’s just part of it.”