COLUMN: All good things eventually come to an end

Joanna Williams

I hate the end of anything. 

I hate when I have to leave a place too early when I was having fun. I hate coming to the end of a good book. I even hate the last bite of a delicious meal. I seem to have this weird complex where I can’t accept the fact that some things simply come to an end. 

And ironically enough, I hate for this column, a column that I often did not feel like writing and put aside until the absolute latest to write, end.

When I became opinion editor for spring semester, I knew I would have the opportunity to write a column, but I didn’t know what I would write about. When I asked for ideas, most people suggested I just write a humor article that poked fun of WKU culture or life in general.

There is no denying that would have been fun, but I like to think that having a column, whether you wanted one or not, is a privilege that allows you to voice your opinions in a paper read by thousands of people. For me, those things just so happened to be race and all the things that seem to separate us — but really unite us. 

I didn’t want it all to be serious, though, and I would usually try to switch from a light subject to a heavier subject every other week. 

There is still, however, the insecurity that despite my efforts to make people step outside their skin, I failed and wasn’t successful. Luckily, I’ve had people who have told me otherwise, and it means more than I can express. 

Thank you to anyone who picked up a paper this semester, especially on Fridays, and read what I wrote. And thank you to all those who wrote me an email, stopped me on campus, or said “Hey, I liked your column!” It was completely unexpected and usually the highlight of my day.

Looking back, there are more things that I would liked to have written about but for some reason or other didn’t. 

Like I said, the end of the semester is always a strange, emotional time. Friends are graduating, I won’t see professors who have become friends anymore, and as exhausted as I am, I’m going to miss school for about a week once summer break rolls around. 

Nonetheless, we should welcome change and remain hopeful for the future. Yes, it’s a bittersweet time, but lucky for us, things get even better. 

Oh, and congratulations to all of the seniors who will be graduating next week.  

It’s been fun reading between the lines.