Chuck Clark named new director of Student Publications

Michael McKay

After 29 years of work in the professional world, Chuck Clark is returning to WKU.

Clark was announced as the new director of Student Publications, responsible for the Talisman, College Heights Herald and, starting on July 1.

Clark, a 1983 graduate, will take over for Bob Adams, the current director who is retiring from WKU after 46 years on the Hill. 

“I’m thrilled — this is my dream job,” Clark said.

Clark is currently the managing editor of The Birmingham News, a major daily newspaper in Birmingham, Al. He also worked as an editor at The Indianapolis Star, The Courier-Journal, The Charlotte Observer and The Tennessean. 

Clark said that even though it’s his dream job, the transition away from professional publications won’t be easy and that “some tears will be shed.”

“It’s going to be difficult,” he said. “It’s something that I loved.”

Clark is currently on the professional advisory committee for WKU’s School of Journalism and Broadcasting and the WKU Alumni Association national board of directors. 

“I have never really been away from Student Publications since I was a student in the 1980s,” he said.

Adams said Clark’s professional and management experience would bring something unique to Student Publications.

“I think that he can help the Herald become a stronger voice for students,” Adams said.

Clark was the leader of the alumni campaign to raise money for the Adams-Whitaker Student Publications building. 

Adams remembers Clark as someone who knew when to get people re-energized about what they were doing.

Clark said he never saw himself replacing Adams when he was working to get the building funded. He said he’s excited to work with Adams during the transition, even though it’s still “really weird” to think about working in the building.

“I’m walking into a really good situation,” Clark said.