SGA provided a chance to make a positive difference

Four years. When you look at it, what it means it is simply a measure of time. But it is far more than that. Four years is a lifetime of memories shoved into such a short time, especially when you spend those four years on the Hill. To me, those memories include late night trips to Waffle House, midnight runs to GADS, playing Super Smash Brothers with your friends and even the occasional all-nighter to finish a paper before it was due. 

With graduation being so close, I find myself looking back on all these things and wondering what contributions I have made to the Hill when the Hill has made so many to me. The thing I keep coming back to is my involvement with Student Government Association. 

I first got involved with SGA during my junior year in the Fall 2010. When I first started with SGA, I joined with the sole purpose that I live my life by and that is to make a positive difference no matter what. The question was how I was going to do this through SGA. 

I would eventually find my answer in the Academic Affairs committee. This committee is the committee responsible reviewing study abroad, teach abroad and scholar development applications and awarding scholarships to worthy applicants. I would first join this committee as the secretary and then later be promoted to committee head in the spring of 2011. 

As I have moved on through the ranks in SGA and currently serve as the Director of Academic and Student Affairs, I feel the role that his given me the most fulfillment was my time as Academic Affairs committee chair. The reason why I feel the role gave me the most satisfaction is due to fact that I was able to give money to worthy students to pursue their academic endeavors. The reason why this meant a lot to me was because I was awarding scholarships to people for which I probably would not qualify for. As long as I was able help fulfill somebody else’s dreams, it was well worth it. 

As I am wrapping up here and spending the last days of my undergraduate career on the Hill, I just want to give one piece of advice to any underclassmen that may be reading this: Get involved. Giving back to this campus was the greatest thing I have ever done because this Hill has provided me with lifelong gifts such as an education, great friends and wonderful memories and to give back to this place was the least I could do.