LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Recent march should have been more publicized

Luke Jean

I just read the article in the Herald about the Trayvon Martin march that was held on campus. One of the quotes was that “this issue wasn’t just about one race.” Then why might I ask was no one but black Greek organizations involved?

Other quotes were about how racism and prejudice still exist at WKU, but the only examples were from the 1970s. I’m sorry, but I agree the Trayvon Martin case is about right and wrong, but it is also a race issue. The only way to fix this race issue is to educate and work together. So I guess what I’m saying is something like this rally should have been publicized to other organizations and the student body as a whole.

Let’s end the hate and actually discuss issues going on at WKU, not vaguely mention issues that happened right after the civil rights movement. Finally, let’s all remember the Martin case and do our part to see that justice is served. — Luke Jean Junior, Hopkinsville