Channel goes out during NCAA championship

Michael McKay

On Monday night, a signal failure from an antenna caused some TV airings — including the NCAA championship — to become unavailable for students living in the dorms.

The channels were 40.2, which is CBS,  and channel 40.1, which is NBC.

WKU provides cable to the dorms through a service called WKU Campus Cable.

John Coe, CATV engineer for Student Television Services, said the antenna only caused the loss of channel 40.

He said the antenna was changed over to another one while repairs are made.

Louisville junior Sarah Sheldon, a resident assistant in Southwest Hall, said the reaction to the signal loss was pretty mild.

“I’m guessing we had a lot of people go off campus to watch it,” Sheldon said.

Sheldon said her residents told her they weren’t getting CBS.

“We had a couple of people who kept coming and saying, ‘What’s wrong with the TVs? What’s wrong with the TVs?’” she said.

Sheldon said there wasn’t much she could do to help them.

“I said that I didn’t think housing controlled that and there was nothing I could do to fix it,” she said.

Fans who stayed on campus dealt with the signal loss in different ways.

Some students were able to stream the game through their computers to the TV in dorm lounges or lobby. Others watched the game on their computers alone.

Springfield, Ill., junior Alex Fahnders, an RA in Keen Hall watched the game in his room by himself. Fahnders said his dorm’s lobby wasn’t much of a meeting place for fans.

“The lobby was deserted, actually,” Fahnders said. “It was on in the lobby, but it was going out — it was on the fritz. There were people sitting there. But they weren’t really watching it.”

Fahnders said most people who wanted to watch the game left when the channel went out.

“I think people were smart enough to realize that it wasn’t going to work,” he said. “Most people were going to go off campus anyway to watch it. If they had to watch it on campus, they went on the Internet like I did.”