EDITORIAL: Promising future for SGA

Herald Staff

The Issue: Cory Dodds was recently elected the Student Government Association president for the 2012-2013 school year. Despite only being the president-elect, he’s been quite proactive since his election.

OUR STANCE: The Herald appreciates Dodds showing initiative and thinks that with him at the helm, SGA has the potential to make an actual impact next semester.

There was no criticism lost this past year with SGA. They lost their Provide-A-Ride service and never found a replacement, along with having to pay a $15,000 bill from the previous administration, had a disappointing turnout at the Rally for Higher Education and have so far left numerous unfulfilled promises to students.

With all of that, SGA may have a different agenda next year with Cory Dodds as the president. After a strong campaign around campus, he has been elected and has been vocal about what he hopes to achieve.

Dodds has promised to get a sober ride service back, make SGA more transparent for students, make the committees in SGA more accountable by assigning them to committees rather than letting them choose and make it mandatory for teaching assistants and graduate assistants to undergo evaluations.

Though talking about the goals one has for their presidency is standard political talk, Dodds has decided to move quickly with his plans instead of continuing to talk them up. Since his election last week, he has already set up several meetings and has urged all of his SGA members to bring anything they feel necessary to his attention.

Even before becoming president-elect, he was involved with several key initiatives including working with the transcript voucher program, meeting with the director of Parking Services for the safe-rides program, and helping maintain SGA’s websites.

He was the only candidate of the three running that attended the Rally for Higher Education earlier this semester in Frankfort and has said he is going to make it a priority to bring more students next year.

Even current SGA President Billy Stephens acknowledged how much of a better president Dodds would be than he was this year.

“I know Dodds is going to do better and brighter things than I ever dreamed of, so I mean, the campus is in good hands,” Stephens said.

It hasn’t been a successful year in terms of getting stuff done, and as we approach the end of the semester, there still hasn’t been any major legislation passed this year by SGA.

With so much disappointment, the Herald is excited for what Dodds will do with his presidency. While it’s too early to judge how successful his term will really be, we and the rest of WKU’s student body have reason to be optimistic for SGA’s future. Good luck, Cory. We hope we won’t have to write a “get up and do something” editorial for you.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member editorial board.