Student finds fascination with juggling

Westmoreland, Tenn., freshman Kory Sinn has been juggling for three years and often juggles while walking between classes.

Natalie West

As finals come around, nothing de-stresses Kory Sinn better than juggling.

The freshman from Westmoreland, Tenn., took up juggling three years ago and has since taken his show on the road, as he juggles while trekking the hill.

“It’s fun,” he said. “It’s something to entertain myself, to keep myself from thinking too much.”

Sinn said he and a friend taught themselves in high school due to utter boredom, but he said he now thinks juggling in class is disrespectful.

“This semester has been rough on time,” he said. “So walking in between classes is really the only time I have to juggle.”

Though he juggles for his own entertainment, Sinn said others are amused when he juggles on campus.

“I’ll pass someone on a cell phone, and they’ll just stop and look and be like, ‘Whoa, he’s juggling,’” he said.

Louisville freshman Brittany Moster said some people think it’s weird at first, but the residents of Minton Hall are used to seeing Sinn juggle.

“When he goes around campus, he’s fearless,” Moster commented.

Sinn said he has even taught interested people before.

“A lot of times, I’ll just sit outside of DUC, and people will come up asking me to teach them,” he said. “Some people get it. Others just thank me and walk off.”

A friend of Sinn’s, Louisville freshman Emily Roach, said Sinn had tried to teach her how to juggle.

“He’s a good teacher, but I was very unsuccessful,” she said.

Roach said any time she sees Sinn, he’s juggling, and he gets a lot of attention around campus for it.

“Sometimes he runs into people because he isn’t paying attention,” she said, laughing about when her friend tries to juggle and walk the Hill at the same time.

Sinn said that now his juggling is “just there,” and he can effortlessly walk to class without focusing on the balls.

Besides working with just three balls, Sinn said he can juggle “anything and everything.”

“If I can lift it, I can juggle it,” he said, adding that he can juggle four balls, cell phones and more, and he can also do “fancy stuff,” like behind-the-back and spinning tricks.

Moster agreed that Sinn can juggle just about anything, “but I don’t give him my cell phone,” she joked.

When asked how challenging it is, Sinn simply replied, “It’s just juggling.”

His nonchalant stance remained, as he said there are really no big mistakes in juggling.

“Unless you’re on the edge of a building, there’s not much you can do wrong,” he laughed. “If you drop it, just pick it back up.”

However, he did mention that he once threw a ball too high in RedZone, and it got stuck on top of the trophy case.

“You control what you do with it,” he said. “You can do the same old stuff, relax or do crazy stuff.”

When he does want to learn new tricks, Sinn turns to YouTube, as he said “there is a whole juggling community out there.”

Sinn said he recently met a fellow juggler on campus, and he’s thinking about starting a juggling club. Other than that, Sinn said he’s “just winging it” and really has no goals for juggling besides having fun with it.

“It’s just something to do in your free time,” he said. “It’s fun, and it fascinates me.”