Greek groups pay ‘Tribute to the Past’ at Spring Sing

Members of the Kappa Delta Sorority preform to their theme of “Toy Story” during Spring Sing on Saturday in Diddle Arena. The event kicked off Greek Week at WKU.

Hayley Hilbert

WKU fraternities and sororities kicked off Greek Week tonight with the annual dance-off event, Spring Sing, held in Diddle Arena.

This year’s Spring Sing was titled “A Tribute to the Past.” The themes were taken from previous years of Spring Sing, and each fraternity and sorority put their own spin on their given theme.

The arena was loud with chanting, cheering, and stomping as Greek organizations showed their support for their group of performers.

Alissa Mansfield, coordinator of student activities for Greek affairs, said that the proceeds of the event will cover the cost of the event, and the remainder will be given to Habitat for Humanity.

The amount of money earned by the event should be calculated by Wednesday, Mansfield said.

Louisville freshman Ausdin Pender was part of fraternity Kappa Sigma’s group, who was the first to perform, with the theme “Hip Hop on the Hilltop.”

Pender said that the group had been practicing for about a month and a half.

“This week, we’ve been dancing three hours a night,” Pender said. “We even had cardio as part of our practices.”

Louisville sophomore Will Garcia, a performer for Phi Gamma Delta, said that his group had been practicing for more than a month. Garcia said that no matter the outcome of the show, the practice for Spring Sing was well worth it.

“The practice provided time for all of us to hangout with each other,” he said. “Whether we win or we lose, it was a great time to bond with my bothers.”

The winners of Spring Sing will be announced this Sunday at Greek Week Convocation.