SGA organizes events to improve campus

Taylor Harrison

Upcoming walks are just a couple of ways the Student Government Association is making a contribution to WKU’s campus.

The Campus Safety Walk will be directly after SGA’s Tuesday night senate meeting on April 17. Earlier that day, SGA will host its Campus Cleanup from 4-5 p.m. This event happens once every semester.

Keyana Boka, campus improvements committee head, said the events are on the same day because neither takes a long time.

SGA will start the Campus Safety Walk around the Downing University Center, go up the Hill, make its way around campus and then back down the Hill.

“Students, staff, faculty — their safety is, of course, always a priority for campus,” Boka said.

During the walk, SGA members will take notes on whatever seems unsafe, such as an area of campus that is dimly lit or blue emergency lights that may not be working.

Kaylee Egerer, speaker of the senate, was the campus improvements committee head before Boka and was in charge of the safety walk the past two years.

Egerer said SGA has never found any “drastic” safety hazards while doing the walk, but she still feels that the safety walk is important.

“I think it’s necessary and something that if we weren’t doing it, I feel like there should and would be speculation,” Egerer said. “It’s just another way to make everybody feel safe around campus.”

Egerer said in the past, SGA has had administrators and the chief of police attend the walk.

Natalie Broderick, student affairs committee head, has previously participated in the safety walk.

Broderick said another item SGA checks on the walk is whether or not any benches are wobbly, broken or in any way unsafe.

“It doesn’t take much for part of the campus to get damaged between the wind storms and the rain and, you know, the tornadoes and everything crazy going on with the weather,” Broderick said. “It’s very easy that things get broken, and if we don’t check them on a regular basis, they may not get fixed.”

The other event of the day, the Campus Cleanup, is an event that SGA hosts at least once a semester and is open to all students, Boka said.

SGA passed a resolution in support of the event on March 27.

Students who participate will get one volunteer service credit hour for going around campus and picking up any trash and recycling. SGA will provide the trash bags and gloves.

“It’s a fun way to express activism, you know, going green, helping campus,” Boka said.

Boka also said the cleanup was planned during Greek Week so that more Greek students would be likely to participate, especially if they need service hours.

“SGA’s usually known for like monetary support, and this is an event that actually shows our, like, physical activism on campus and being visible,” Boka said.

While the Campus Cleanup occurs twice a year, Boka said the Campus Safety Walk only happens once a year because the issues they encounter during the walk require less maintenance.